Abilene Breaks Ground on New Retirement Housing

By Ryan Duey

The Dickinson County Kansas Economic Development Corporation broke ground on a new retirement housing complex in Abilene on April 9th. Situated off Northeast 21st Street, the complex comprises 16 duplexes and a clubhouse, offering affordable rent for retirees seeking settling options.

Jessica Goodale, Executive Director of the DKEDC, highlights the increasing retiree demographic, emphasizing the need for suitable housing solutions. Abilene’s appeal as a retirement destination drives the initiative, targeting individuals aged 55 and above.

Supported by the Wichita-based Mennonite Housing and the Kansas Housing Resources Corporation, the project utilizes federal funds and tax credits aligning with the Kansas Housing Resource Corporation’s goal of community investment and job creation.

Abilene Mayor Brandon Rein called this initiative a step towards addressing statewide housing challenges, addressing the need for diversified housing options in the community.

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