Riley County High School Jazz Tour

By Jayson Henderson

The jazz band at Riley County High School (RCHS) is preparing for a tour aimed at featuring the talent of its junior and senior musicians before graduation. According to band director Erin Lloyed the purpose of the tour is to bring the band’s music into the communities it serves and to express gratitude for community support.

The band roster includes the following members:

– Alto Sax: Ben White (Junior), Cooper Merriam (Freshman)

– Tenor Sax: Will Casebeer (Junior)

– Bari Sax: Ryan Greathouse (Junior)

– Trumpet: Trent Webber (Junior), Jack Kelly (Junior), David Iseli (Sophomore)

– Trombone: Ely Darrah (Junior)

– Bass: Kemper Schardein (Sophomore)

– Set: Owen Miesner (Senior)

Erin Lloyed has served as director at Riley County Schools for nine years.

The goal of the tour is to bring the band’s music to the communities served by RCHS. There is no cover charge for the performances; attendees are encouraged to bring a lawn chair. Following the Keats performance, a Lions Club-sponsored baked potato bar will be available, while the Riley performance will feature a sponsored BBQ Donation Meal to support the building of a City Building in Riley.

As the jazz band travels to various communities, they aim to share their music and appreciation for the support they have received.

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