Boosting Breastfeeding in Kansas: Healthy Blue and KBC Invest $7,300 in Local Coalitions for a Healthier Future

By Trish Svoboda

In a move to aid breastfeeding families across Kansas, the Mini-Grant Initiative of the Kansas Breastfeeding Coalition (KBC), primarily sponsored by Healthy Blue Kansas, has allocated a total of $7,300 in funds to four local breastfeeding coalitions.

Healthy Blue Kansas and KBC have formed a partnership recognizing the benefits of breastfeeding, including lifelong health benefits for mothers and children, and economic, environmental, and social advantages. This collaboration is aimed at improving health and wellness across Kansas.

In Kansas, more than 90% of families opt for breastfeeding, as stated by Susan Lukwago, the Chair of the KBC Board of Directors. Healthy Blue Kansas is appreciated for its support, and there is anticipation for collaboration with local coalitions to foster communities that support families in their choice to breastfeed.

The grantees, through their collaborations with healthcare systems, providers, and public health professionals, and their transformative community initiatives, are paving the way for a healthier future.

The following local breastfeeding coalition projects received funding from the KBC:

· Coffey County Breastfeeding Coalition – Host a “Mother and Infant Support Group”

· Harvey County Breastfeeding Coalition – Expand support for breastfeeding in public spaces, child care settings, and in emergency preparedness planning

· Southeast Kansas Multi-County Breastfeeding Coalition – Assist employers to support their breastfeeding workers

· Wyandotte Melanin Breastfeeding Coalition – Train Black and Brown fathers to provide breastfeeding support to other fathers

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