Kansas Department of Labor Offers Free Safety Consultations: A Step Towards Enhanced Workplace Safety and Employee Well-being

By Trish Svoboda

In its continuous dedication to prioritizing workplace safety for businesses throughout Kansas, the Industrial Safety and Health Division (ISH) of the Kansas Department of Labor (KDOL) urges business owners to utilize a complimentary safety and health consultation service.

During an on-site visit from KDOL, employers will have the chance to participate in a private conversation with a highly trained safety and health expert. These experienced experts are prepared to tackle safety and health concerns in facilities, regardless of whether they are widespread or localized.

While businesses are required to rectify safety hazards, ISH consultants do not impose or issue any financial penalties or citations.

Prioritizing worker safety is a crucial aspect of business operations, as it not only enhances the efficiency of employees but also ensures product quality. Employees are more inclined to remain with a company that values their well-being.

Employers who are interested in a confidential consultation and have less than 250 employees on-site, and less than 500 corporate-wide, visit http://www.dol.ks.gov/ish

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