Governor Laura Kelly Signs Bipartisan Bill to Boost Employment Opportunities for Kansans with Disabilities

By Trish Svoboda

Governor Laura Kelly signed Senate Bill 15, bipartisan legislation aimed at enhancing employment opportunities for Kansans with disabilities.

“Kansans with disabilities deserve a fair wage for the work they perform,” Governor Laura Kelly said. “I’m signing this bipartisan legislation to create more opportunities for people with disabilities, grow our workforce, and ensure every Kansan can work with dignity and respect.”

The bill establishes the Disability Employment Act, expanding income tax credits for purchases from qualified businesses employing disabled workers at minimum wage.

It also initiates the Sheltered Workshop Transition Grant Program to transition employers from paying below minimum wage. Representative Sean Tarwater highlighted the bill’s benefits in helping local economies and raising wages for workers. The Act also removes the minimum work-hour requirement for health insurance coverage for Kansans with disabilities.

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