Herington Clinic Opening Delayed

By Ryan Duey

Unexpected complications have delayed the opening of the Herington Clinic by Memorial Health System (MHS) to May. MHS CEO Harold Courtois cited weather conditions causing travel issues and the need for immediate expertise in Abilene as uncontrollable factors. Staff shortages from illness and medical leave also contributed to delays, but the primary hurdle is the credentialing process for providers at the new location.

Despite being credentialed with MHS, all Herington providers must undergo the process again. Courtois explained the two-fold credentialing process, which ensures the provider is qualified, can take 90 days or longer.

The clinic will be staffed with one advanced practice provider, one nurse, and one receptionist, with plans to have MHS doctors travel on rotation, providing patients with consistent care in Herington to reduce the need for trips to Abilene. While staff members are hired and in training, the comprehensive credentialing process remains a time-consuming challenge, extending the opening to May.

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