Jacksons Bring New Event Center To Concordia

By Payton Tholstrup

Anna and Allan Jackson of Concordia have embarked on a new venture together. They are currently renovating Gerald’s Body Shop and converting it into an event center, 315 Warehouse. Located on 315 West 5th Street in Concordia, Kansas, the venue is something the Jacksons knew the community needed. They have wanted to do it for years but have been waiting for the perfect place to become available. “Both my husband and I come from large families and having parties in our homes was becoming difficult, so we assumed it was for others as well,” Anna Jackson said.

The Jacksons are balancing the renovation process, their full-time jobs, and their family life. The family has four kids and is accustomed to a busy life, but the renovation process has been long and tiring. It began on the first of the new year and while they have done a lot of the work themselves, they also have been fortunate enough to hire some professionals.

Jackson’s husband does classic car repair and restoration, while she is a full-time wedding photographer. “Between doing wedding photography in the past and traveling and seeing multiple venues over the years, we’ve been able to learn and see what works for events.”

Warehouse 315 will offer hourly packages and include tables and chairs for 99 people. Customers can also rent other services and items, such as a bartender for their event, or even tablecloths. An outdoor patio space will be available for outdoor games and seating.

The entire space is 4,800 square feet, has a kitchenette and bar area, and two large bathrooms that are ADA compliant. The entire space is handicapped accessible and can be rented for any event or occasion. Warehouse 315 will host their own events throughout the year as well, including a Valentine’s Day Dinner and fundraisers.

An open house will be held on April 21st, 2024, from 1:00-4:00 p.m. “This venue will slowly become our full-time job and new baby.”

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