Kansas Attorney General Announces $2.5M in Crime Victim Grants: Applications Open for Six State Programs

By Trish Svoboda

Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach announced on Wednesday, March 27, that applications are open for six grant programs serving victims of crimes across Kansas.

Over $2.5 million in grants were distributed last year by the Office of the Attorney General through six state programs. These funds are utilized to support local and state organizations in Kansas that provide direct assistance to victims of crime. Additionally, the funds are used to create prevention programs aimed at curbing violence.

The programs that have open grant opportunities include: Child Exchange and Visitation Center Program (CEVC) – This fund aims to facilitate supervised child exchange and visitation for children and families who are at risk due to situations associated with domestic or family violence.

Human Trafficking Victim Assistance Fund (HTVAF) – Set up by the Legislature in 2013 under K.S.A. 75-758, this fund is designed to offer training on human trafficking to law enforcement agencies across Kansas to support the provision of care, treatment, and other services for victims of human trafficking and child commercial sexual exploitation.

Child Abuse and Neglect (CVAF-CA) – This fund aims to cover the continuous operating costs of programs that aid child victims. Crime Victims Assistance Fund (CVAF) – This fund aims to cover the continuous operating costs of programs that support crime victims, as well as the establishment and upkeep of new programs that offer services to crime victims.

State Protection from Abuse Fund (PFA) – This fund provides emergency shelter, counseling, and education for adult victims of domestic violence or sexual assault and their children, aiming to reduce its incidence. Child Advocacy Center Fund (CAC): This fund is dedicated to covering the continuous operational costs of Child Advocacy Centers.

You can find more details about the application procedure for each grant program at www.ag.ks.gov/grants. The deadline for all applications is May 3, 2024

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