Kansas Attorney General Reveals Junction City Commission Violated KOMA

By Ryan Duey

An investigation by Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach revealed that the Junction City Commission violated the Kansas Open Meetings Act by holding a closed-door meeting to discuss an economic development project that included a livestock slaughter facility.

Public opposition to the project, which could have required farmland sales for road construction, appears to have halted it. Landowner Michelle Munson filed a complaint alleging the commission’s failure to approve a $5,000 expenditure in a public meeting and improper description of topics for an executive session. While the attorney general’s office found no violation regarding the $5,000, it concluded the commission breached the law by inadequately describing the executive session’s subject.

First Assistant Attorney General Amber Smith affirmed this and recommended remedial action for compliance. Junction City’s city manager, Allen Dinkel, has made no comments on the attorney general’s response.

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