Red Cross Opens Shelter Location for those Affected by Westmoreland Tornado

By Trish Svoboda

Red Cross has opened up a shelter for those who have been displaced by the tornado that hit Westmoreland on April 30. They are working on assessing the community’s needs with local officials.

The services offered at Red Cross shelters include:

· A safe place to sleep

· Meals, snacks and water

· Health services (for disaster-related conditions), such as first aid, refilling lost prescriptions or replacing lost eyeglasses

· Emotional support and mental health services

· Spiritual care

· Help reconnect with loved ones

· Information about disaster-related resources in the community

Anyone with disaster-related needs may go to the shelter and will be directed to the appropriate resources, even those who don’t need a place to sleep. Red Cross wants to let people know that all disaster assistance is free, and everyone is welcome.

Red Cross Shelter Location:

Westmoreland United Methodist Church

Ed Building

109 Main St.

Westmoreland, KS

Red Cross also offered these safety tips on staying safe after a tornado:

Avoid injury:

· Do not enter damaged buildings.

· If the building you are in has been damaged, exit with extreme care and stay out. Look around for things that might fall or dangerous debris. Do not use matches or lighters inside. If you smell gas or see spills that could be flammable, leave immediately.

· Watch out for exposed nails and broken glass.

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