Kansas Attorney General Urges Ban on Foreign Land Purchases

By Trish Svoboda

Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach is advocating for a ban on foreign land purchases in Kansas, alleging concerns about foreign influence and espionage, especially from countries like China and drug cartels.

The proposed Senate Bill 446 aims to prohibit foreign individuals and corporations from purchasing over three acres of land and limits foreign land leases to less than two years.

Kobach argues that the bill would safeguard against potential threats and create a state land council to review exemptions.

Kansas State Sen. Mike Thompson supports the legislation, emphasizing the need to protect Kansans from outside threats while still allowing legitimate investments.

Despite concerns, the extent of foreign land ownership in the U.S. remains uncertain. Thompson and Kobach highlighted Cnano Technology USA as an example of local outcomes they aim to prevent, suggesting potential subversive ties. Thompson cautioned against unchecked economic development that may lead to risky arrangements with foreign-owned entities.

During a news conference on Tuesday, February 6th, Thompson warned against similar moves.

“An insatiable desire for economic development without any vetting process whatsoever for nano at the county level has led now to Kansas taxpayers supporting a Chinese-owned entity that’s inserted themselves into the industrial supply chain,” Thompson said. “It takes very little imagination to comprehend the dangers of that type of arrangement.”

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