Kansas State University Salina Revives Civic Lecture Series

By Trish Svoboda

Kansas State University Salina is reintroducing the Civic Lecture Series to support community dialogue. Scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 22nd, the upcoming installment titled “Can Dialogue Revive Democracy?” will examine the role of dialogue in reinvigorating democratic engagement and nurturing an inclusive civic ethos. Colene J. Lind, Ph.D., an associate professor of communication and the director of the Institute for Civic Discourse and Democracy at K-State, will headline the event. Lind’s expertise in civic and political discourse will provide invaluable insights into the language and rhetoric of democracy.

Democracy flourishes on active citizen involvement and well-informed decision-making. However, contemporary public discourse has been marred by polarization and discord, prompting concerns. In addressing these issues, the Civic Lecture Series aims to foster constructive civic conversations that engage communities and mitigate polarization.

“We believe that a robust exchange of ideas is essential for informed decision-making and the development of a thriving, engaged civic culture,” said Deb Marseline, K-State Salina assistant dean of diversity and leadership. “After a hiatus, we are thrilled to bring back this series to our community, offering a platform for dialogue and meaningful engagement on topics of civic importance.”

Attendees can anticipate gaining deeper insights into the principles of constructive civic discourse and exploring actionable strategies for promoting dialogue in their communities. By participating in these discussions, attendees not only enhance their leadership capacities but also contribute to the advancement of a more tolerant and enlightened society.

The “Can Dialogue Revive Democracy?” lecture will take place at 11:30 a.m. on Feb. 22 in the K-State Salina College Center Conference Room. Admission is free, and guests can bring an outside lunch or purchase a meal from K-State Salina’s Centennial Dining. For more information, visit the Civic Lecture Series website.

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