Maize Car Dealership Settles Kansas Consumer Protection Allegations with District Attorney

By Trish Svoboda

A used car dealership in Maize, along with its owner, has settled allegations of violating the Kansas Consumer Protection Act through a consent judgment with the Office of the District Attorney. The investigation stemmed from a consumer complaint regarding registration and titling issues with a purchased vehicle.

The dealership, Maize Motors, and its owner, Gabriel Nicholson, were accused of failing to deliver title to a Mustang within the required 60 days under Kansas law and of not disclosing this limitation to buyers. Despite their denial of intentional violation, Nicholson and the dealership agreed to a consent judgment. They face probation for 12 months, a $5,000 civil penalty, investigative expenses, and restitution to affected consumers. Additionally, they must cooperate with future complaints and abstain from deceptive practices in consumer transactions for five years.

The District Attorney stresses the importance of buyers receiving title certificates within 60 days of vehicle purchase, failure to do so renders the transaction fraudulent and void, entitling buyers to full refunds.

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