SkyWest Airlines’ Expanded Service Bolsters Salina’s Connectivity: New Denver Route Opens Doors to Domestic and International Destinations

By Trish Svoboda

United Express flights operated by SkyWest Airlines play a crucial role in Salina’s economic development achievements. Starting April 2, new nonstop service to Denver International Airport will expand travel options for Salina and Saline County residents, facilitating connections to various U.S. and international destinations. The new flight will link with 78 domestic city pairs, providing access to over 160 connecting domestic flights.

In addition, foreign travel will be more accessible with 18 international city pairs offered by United Airlines and its Star Alliance partners. The Denver connections will streamline travel to Europe, Mexico, Canada, and Japan.

Along with the Denver connections, Salina’s nonstop flights to Chicago cater to a combined 91 unique domestic city pairs, with access to over 340 connecting flights. Furthermore, Chicago nonstop flights provide connections to 44 unique international destinations.

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