Town Water Levels Restored in Concordia

By Payton Tholstrup

The recent frigid temperatures in Concordia, KS caused several main water breaks over the last week. City workers were called out early Tuesday, January 16th to fix water main breaks at 13th and Willow, 11th and Republican, and the 600 block of East 16th Streets.

Residents and businesses had also been advised to conserve water due to water levels being down.

According to an update from city manager, Amy Lange, the water main break at 13th and Hill Street is now repaired. However, due to the extent of the repairs, 13th Street is unable to be accessed from Hill Street. Community members will have to use an alternate route in the meantime.

Town water levels have also been restored so residents and businesses may now resume their normal water usage.

Caution is still advised around areas of water main breaks due to ice.

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