USDA’s Kansas Rural Development Invites Rural Kansans to Apply for Storm Damage Repair Loans and Grants: Aiding Recovery and Building Resilience

By Trish Svoboda

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Kansas Rural Development is encouraging rural Kansans to apply for loans and grants aimed at repairing properties damaged by recent storms. The 504 Home Repair Program is available to cover the expenses of storm damage repair and can also be utilized for the building of storm shelters.

The recent severe weather in Kansas highlights the importance of preparedness for weather-related disasters. The program is ready to assist anyone whose property has been recently affected by severe weather. The USDA offers financial support for the Single Family Housing Repair Loans and Grants, funded through regular congressional appropriations. This program aids very-low-income homeowners in repairing, improving, or modernizing their homes, and provides grants to elderly, very-low-income homeowners to eliminate health and safety hazards. Known as the Section 504 Home Repair program, it can provide loans up to $40,000 and grants up to $10,000. The combination of loans and grants can reach a maximum of $50,000.

In addition, USDA Rural Development offers loans and grants aimed at expanding economic opportunities, creating jobs, and enhancing the quality of life for millions of rural Americans. This aid contributes to infrastructure enhancements, business growth, housing, community facilities like schools, public safety, and healthcare, and the provision of high-speed internet in rural, tribal, and high-poverty areas. To understand how and where these investments are making a difference in rural America, visit the Rural Data Gateway. For more information, visit

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