Wamego Community Foundation Launches Emergency Relief Fund for Tornado Victims, Ensures 100% Donation Impact

By Ryan Duey

The Wamego Community Foundation (WCF) has set up the Emergency Relief Fund with the specific purpose of supporting those impacted by the tornado in Westmoreland. The fund is designed to provide aid and resources to individuals and families as they work to restore and reconstruct their lives.

A significant aspect of the Emergency Relief Fund is the waiver of administrative fees, guaranteeing that all donations go directly toward the disaster relief initiatives. Each dollar donated will have an immediate and direct influence on improving the lives of those affected by the tornado.

“The Wamego Community Foundation is dedicated to providing support to our friends and neighbors who are affected by sudden displacement due to natural disasters.” Said Aimee Nelson, Wamego Community Foundation Director. “Through the Emergency Relief Fund, the WCF hopes to relieve the stress and uncertainty of the situation. Together, we stand as a testament to the power of community.” To donate to the Emergency Relief Fund, click here.

The Wamego Community Foundation serves as a supportive pillar for Wamego and its neighboring communities. Following Mike McCall’s retirement, Aimee Nelson has stepped in as the new Director of the Wamego Community Foundation.

For more information about the Emergency Relief Fund or the Wamego Community Foundation, contact Aimee Nelson, Wamego Community Foundation Director, at 785-410-3508 or director@wamegocf.org

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