Washburn’s Mulvane Art Museum Celebrates a Century of Art

By Trish Svoboda

Washburn’s Mulvane Art Museum is celebrating 100 years of art on Saturday, January 13, from 1 to 3:30 p.m. in the Rita Blitt Gallery on the Washburn University campus.

The Mulvane Art Museum opened on January 13, 1924, and has stood as a cultural cornerstone in the Topeka community, Washburn University, and the wider region with art from both local and international artists. It has grown into a cultural hub, encouraging appreciation for the arts and inspiring meaningful conversations about the world around us.

Edward Longstreth, a famed art critic based in Philadelphia, recognized the museum’s impact in 1924. He noted in the official journal of the American Federation for the Arts that no gallery in Philadelphia could match Mulvane’s galleries. The museum was praised for representing the latest advancements in museum gallery features.

To celebrate this milestone event, the Mulvane Art Museum invites the public to join them for a night of special events and programs that honor 100 years of art and community engagement.

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