KDOT Reminds Drivers of Safety Tips After Two Snowplow Collisions

By Payton Tholstrup

Recent winter storms in Kansas have made highways icy and snow packed. The Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) crews have been working hard to keep highways as clear as possible. Crews even remained on standby throughout the weekend, ready to clear roads as needed.

However, during the week of January 8th, two snowplows were hit as they attempted to clear the roads in Northwest Kansas. KDOT Officials would like to remind drivers for the safety of everyone on the road to avoid crowding snow plows. Instead, drivers should slow down, use caution, and give the snow plows plenty of room to work.

The Department also reminded drivers of the following:

  • Maintenance vehicles plow wide stretches of roadways – sometimes up to 24 feet.
  • Plows turn and exit the road frequently.
  • Snowplows can create a cloud of snow that can reduce visibility.
  • A snowplow operator’s field of vision is restricted – you may be able to see them, but they may not be able to see you.

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