NEKKA General Public Transportation Now Open

By Tim Voelker

The NEKAAA General Public Transportation is is operational and ready for business, NEKAAA stands for North East Kansas Area Agency on Aging. There are two vans that are ready to take you where you need to go.  The transportation service can take you to medical appointments, shopping or to a business. It can also provide a ride for work, education or leisure. Please remember, the service is first come, first served. One rate will be charged per day, whether it is a one way or a round trip. The vans can accommodate wheel chairs. You will be charged $1 for each additional stop that is made. All scheduling is to be done through dispatch by calling the transportation line at 785-742-7153. This service is for all of Washington County, and is for all ages, but anyone under age 6 must be accompanied by an adult. They prefer a 24-48 hour advance notice but may be able to accommodate same day request depending one cancellations and scheduled loads.

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