New Year’s Eve Earthquake Shakes Ottawa County

By Ryan Duey

Residents in Bennington, KS, and surrounding areas were shaken by another Earthquake on New Year’s Eve. On December 31st at around 10:30 am an earthquake was reported a few miles outside of Bennington according to the U.S Geological Survey (USGS).

USGS stated that the earthquake registered a magnitude of 3.7. USGS reported the earthquake’s registered depth was just 3.1 miles. Shallow earthquakes like this one are felt more strongly as they are closer to the surface. With the shallow depth, the earthquake may have been felt in towns farther out from the epicenter.

This is the fourth time Bennington has been shaken in the last couple of months. On November 11th the USGS reported a 4.0 magnitude earthquake just outside of Bennington. This quake came just a week after a 3.4 magnitude earthquake, followed by a 2.9 magnitude tremor hit the area on November 4th.

No injuries or damage was reported from any of these quakes.

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