Washington County Commissioners Discuss Storm Shelters

By Ryan Duey

At a recent Washington County Commission meeting, Washington County’s Emergency Management Director, Randy Hubbard, raised concerns about the lack of designated storm shelters for severe weather or tornadoes.

Despite existing locations like schools and churches, there’s no comprehensive list available to the public. Hubbard highlighted instances where individuals sought shelter inquiries during recent storms. He questioned the county’s liability if private entities, like churches, were to open for shelter during emergencies.

While some events have designated shelters, everyday situations lack such provisions. Hubbard suggested collaboration with cities to address the issue. Commissioner David Willbrant proposed working with cities to establish storm shelters for those without access.

Hubbard proposed compiling a list of willing ministers offering their basements as shelters, with Willbrant suggesting this information could be accessible through the county’s dispatch.

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