KSU gives Wheat Producers Crash Course in Flour Milling

By Ryan Duey

Wheat farmers, grain trade representatives, and state and national wheat organization staff members attended a flour milling course at the IGP Institute at Kansas State University.

The IGP Institute organizes this course annually as a deep dive into milling and baking processes. This year’s course, conducted December 11-13, 2023, was designed to give wheat growers and industry personnel training in the basic principles of flour milling and a greater understanding of the relationship between wheat quality and flour performance.

18 participants from 7 different states were present for this year’s course. They got to see firsthand what it takes to turn wheat into a loaf of bread or other wheat food.

The course pulls back the curtain on the technical aspects of how differences in wheat class and qualities impact the final product on a consumer’s plate. Participants of the course left with valuable knowledge of how to better meet the needs of their customers.

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