Craftyard Boutique Holding T-Shirt Fundraiser To Support Local No-Kill Shelter CCARE

By Quinn O’Hara

Two local small businesses have partnered together to achieve a common goal.

Clay County Animal Rescue and Education Center and Clay Center based Craftyard Boutique are selling pet themed t-shirts to raise profits for CCARE’s operations.

The shirts cost $25 each, and feature either dogs or cats. Both include the text “my favorite breed is rescued.” 50% of proceeds from the shirts will go directly to CCARE, and as of the evening of April 22, the fundraiser had already collected $325.

CCARE Shelter Manager John Reib said that the donations will help the shelter purchase supplies they are currently running low on, such as toys and cleaning supplies.

Ashley Smith, a co-owner of Craftyard Boutique, said her inspiration for the partnership came from a previous experience with another animal shelter in North Carolina.

Smith said for her, it’s not about the money, but rather supporting her local no-kill shelter.

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