DCCCA and Healthy Blue Join Forces to Expand Naloxone Resources in Kansas

By Trish Svoboda

DCCCA in collaboration with Healthy Blue is expanding naloxone, or Narcan, resources in Kansas, providing more access and distribution. This partnership aims to address substance use disorders and provide vital solutions to communities in Kansas.

DCCCA is set to receive $125,000 designated for initiatives to enhance access to substance use prevention resources and tools, expand Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training opportunities, and install naloxone vending machines for opioid overdose response.

“Through this partnership, we’re taking a proactive approach to addressing substance use disorders and mental health challenges in our community,” Bryan Baier, President of Healthy Blue. “By combining our resources and expertise, we aim to make a positive impact and provide the necessary tools to those who need them.”

For more information on how to request naloxone kits in Kansas, visit https://www.dccca.org/naloxone-program/.

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